As I was making the garlic bread for this evening, admiring the wonderful fresh, vibrant, heart-warming green that the parsley gave the butter, which had been beautifully whizzed up by my youngest, I got to thinking, as we all do at this time of year.

I remembered some words of wisdom I read recently.  When you someone asks you:

“How are you?”,  is your response

“Not bad”?

If it is, I wonder if you know that the brain doesn’t take negatives on board?  This means that your mind registers “bad”, which is not what you intended, I know, but that’s how it works.  I thought I would pass that on, and give you a little challenge.  Why don’t you stop and think for a second, and then to reply “good” or “very good” the next time someone asks how you are.  How we react and think affects what we experience and how we feel.  Keep an eye on yourself and see if it makes any difference.

And what about New Year’s Eve resolutions?  Often they have a negative undertone – dieting or joining a gym being classic examples.  I am going to make an effort to be kinder to myself, less self-critical, and to give myself time to do the things that make me feel good, more yoga and walks in the fresh air being top of my list.  I know I am nicer to be around if I include these in my week.

So I wish you a wonderful New Year.   May it be one full of love, laughter and joy and kindness to yourself.

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