SockThere I was, reaching to put my socks on.  And there I was, again, reaching for my left foot first.  I always start with my left foot.  Why don’t I ever go for the right foot instead?  I tried it. It feels really peculiar going for the right foot first.  This is a tiny example of a huge characteristic that we humans exhibit – we are such creatures of habit.

Our brains are hardwired to work with habit.  This can work to our advantage.  Imagine how painful it would be if, for example, we still had to concentrate on every action just as we did the first time we got behind the wheel.  What an awful thought!  In instances such as this, our use of habit can free us up to get on with things more smoothly.

However we can get stuck in habits that don’t do us much good.  In effect we get caught in a loop and, as with a coil of barbed wire, if we spin round this loop and catch ourself on it, it’s painful.  In extreme cases we feel totally ensnared  – the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman tragically illustrates this.

I often see people in clinic who are caught in a loop with their beliefs and emotional and mental patterns, which results in them not experiencing life as they would like to.   These habits can result in so much pain and discomfort – skin conditions, stomach issues, back problems, anxiety – the list is endless.  We can hem ourselves in, often sub-consciously.  By choosing to use the revolutionary BodyTalk System, people help empower their body and mind to rebalance holistically, improving well-being and optimising their experience of life.

Now here’s a thought. Say, for example, you have a weekend seminar.  Generally, people tend to claim a seat at the first session and then that will be their seat for the whole weekend – in fact they’d feel quite put out if someone else tried to claim it.  In contrast, understanding the benefit of exercising the brain and giving it the opportunity to work with its natural plasticity,  BodyTalkers will tend to sit in different seats at each session – try it.  It gives you a different perspective on the whole thing and this simple action is very good for the brain. The same applies for so many things – we can choose to alter how we do them, if we can snap out of autopilot, and this is of benefit.

So, tomorrow, I wonder which foot I will put my sock on first …

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