Coat Hangers & Energy

“ What do you do?”  This is a question that is, ridiculously, incredibly hard to answer.  So little.  So much.  Depends on what you understand by all manner of viewpoints.

I have recently carried out a little exercise and have determined that three main reasons people end up with me are pain, depression and stress/anxiety.  But these three alone cover a myriad of responses and symptoms.

“So, what do you do?”  Well, I certainly don’t want to put people off by getting too technical and detailed – I may thrive on all that side of things and the continual learning, but generally people who arrive at my door just want to be “fixed”; they don’t want to become practitioners.

But actually it’s no bad thing to increase our understanding of how we work.  We are really utterly extraordinary and amazing creatures.  Although we may acknowledge that in others, we tend not to recognise it in ourselves.

Mention the words “energy medicine” and you get varying reactions.  Some people ‘get’ it, others suddenly look blank as if such an idea equates to mentioning seeing martians in the supermarket.

I have recently read an excellent little book (E Squared by Pam Grout) that brilliantly and simply explains what this energy is and how it affects us all, as well as how to be aware of it and use it.  There are easy experiments throughout the book that anyone can do and which are capable of getting an “ah ha” light bulb moment of understanding.  One of my favourites involves metal coat hangers and influencing the direction of their movement according to your thought patterns and emotions.  Interested?   Ok.  You are probably best to read this from the book itself, but, in brief:

  • Get 2 coat hangers and 1 straw
  • Untwist the coat hangers to straighten them, then shape them so that you have one long part and a smaller (about 5 inches long) to act as handle – in the shape of an L
  • Chop the straw in half and slot the coat hanger handles into them (this allows you to hold the straws while at the same time allowing the hangers to swing freely)
  • Hold the straws/hangers chest high and about 10 inches from your body and allow the hangers to swing until they settle.
  • Now to the fun part.  With your eyes straight ahead, recall a very unpleasant incident from your past – the worst and stronger, the better.  Depending on the strength of your emotion, the hangers will either stay straight ahead (which is weak intensity) or they will point inward, tip to tip (stronger intensity).  What is happening here is that the hangers are following the electromagnetic bands around your body, which have contracted as a result of the negative frequency produced by your unpleasant thoughts and emotions.
  • Now let’s switch it round and turn your frequencies positive.  Think of something joyous or loving.  When you do this, the hangers will expand outwards as your energy field expands, reflecting the positive expansion of your energy flow.

Have a play.  Try it and see how amazing you are.    That is the power of being YOU!

I’d love to hear your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Coat Hangers and Energy

  1. Hhmm. I couldn’t summon up a really negative experience (perhaps because in yoga I meditate these away and so they aren’t hanging around in coat hanger energy). I did have a weak joyous reaction, so that was nice. I work very hard not to have big highs and big lows, but I do have lots of energy, which I visualise as colour. This was a fun experiment x.


    1. Well that just shows how beneficial all your lovely yoga is, doesn’t it? I was wondering whether there have ever been any dog-related incidents that have got a fear response going in you (not that I am trying to induce negative energy!!) but that might give you something to play with. Fabulous feedback Lesley – thank you for taking the time to up-date me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experiment.


  2. It worked as you had mentioned. Not only I, but other members of my family, my wife, son and daughter all experienced how their thought energy affect in the movement of coat hangers. Amazing.

    Two things we noted for your reference.

    1) The right and left do not move the same way – for my case the right moves less. Though when I laugh (from the heart), the right reacts more than the left. Right is related more to subconscious mind?

    2) The hangers do not move a inch in some areas of our house hold facing the window (it happens in one certain room). I heard of the cell tower signals penetrates into the house. Is it something to do with the interception by cell signals? I have no idea.

    Anyway, thanks for the great article ( I also bought the book E-Suqred).


    1. So pleased you have all had fun with this. You are correct – the right brain is associated with our more intuitive, sub-conscious side. And regarding the room where the hangers don’t move, one thing you could consider is to investigate clearing geopathic stress.

      I hope you are all enjoying ESquared – she has brought out another one called ECubed too.


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