Red Arrows

It’s that time of year.

There I was sitting outside, when that unmistakable ROAR approached rapidly overhead and we were wowed into silence in sheer admiration as The Red Arrows flew over in their well-known beautifully perfect formation.

I love them.

There is something utterly awe-inspiring about that sight and each time I see them, I feel glad to have done so and I revel in that ‘wow’ moment as the sound waves settle down again.

What is it that makes them so extraordinary?

I think it’s the daring and the trust between the pilots and in their engineers and the planes.

It’s the perfection of planning and practice culminating in that glorious airborne dance.

And it’s that perfection that gets the crowds oohing and aaahing at air shows.

We all love to see something that is awe-inspiring.

But actually we only need to take a look at ourselves to see the ultimate in amazing creations.

I am thinking about us, the human being, and the intricate workings of our bodies and minds, of which we really still know so little.

I am thinking about how extraordinarily well, generally, we function.

How, when each bit of us does what it’s ‘job spec’ dictates, then everything, from our cells, to our organs, to our whole body and mind combines to work perfectly.

Ever been out on a bike and, after the event, discovered that you blinked before that insect that you hadn’t even consciously seen, flew into your eye? Isn’t it a wow, the fact that your eyelids can respond before you realise they need to?

And what about the internal functioning of everything inside you, from the circulation of blood round your entire body to the healing of a cut, or breathing, that most basic but critical of functions, all of which happen without any conscious instructions – don’t you think that’s amazing?

And when the stresses and strains of life pay you a visit and your body starts showing the signs of strain, the lack of synchronicity is all too apparent, isn’t it?

Often we don’t appreciate or even notice how perfectly we function until something goes wrong.

So, while I think the amazing, awe-inspiring Red Arrows are a ‘wow’, I have to say I think the functioning of your body and mind is the real “WOW”.

If you are reading this and wishing you could have more “WOW”, then I strongly suggest BodyTalk – fabulous whole healthcare designed by your body for you.

Simply send me a note below or pop over here to go from ‘wow’ to ‘WOW‘ now.

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