“How does distance healing work?”

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I’d write this blog to answer both that and the other questions that I am often asked relating to distance healing, also known as “remote healing”, since it forms a large part of my work.

This post will answer questions you are likely to have if you not familiar with the concept of distance sessions.

What Is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is simply an appointment that takes place while the client and practitioner are in different physical locations.  They might be just a few miles apart, or it could be that the practitioner and client are in different countries quite literally on the other side of the world from each other when the session happens.

abstract6-heHow Does Distance Healing Actually Work?

Everything is energy so everything is connected. Consciousness is energy. The first thing to shift when anything changes is energy – or consciousness. Therefore, when I work with someone and have them in my focus, whether they are in the room with me or on the other side of the world, their body and energies still have the potential to shift and re-balance.

Why Do People Choose Distance Healing?

People choose Distance Healing for a variety of reasons.  Often is is because they live too far away to be able to attend in person session.  Other times it can be due to illness or simply due to busy lives and practical constraints.

How Do You Do A Distance Session?

I offer distance sessions in three different ways and the client chooses which suits them best.  These three options are:

1. Via Skype.

2. Over the phone.

3. The session is carried out while the client gets on with their life as normal. In this instance I take notes during the session. Afterwards I make an audio report, which is then emailed to the client for them to listen to at their convenience.

Is An “In Person” Appointment More Effective Than A Distance Session?

No. There is no difference in the results whether someone is in the same room as me or on the other side of the world.  For example, have a look at the testimonial from a lady I worked with while I was in UK and she was in Canada.

Do I Have To Believe In Energy Medicine For A Distance Session To Work?

No. If you had to believe in energy medicine, then it would not work on young children and animals. This is illustrated by the testimonial about a Cairn Terrier dog who had a distance session for a painful leg.

Will Distance Healing Work With Children?

Yes. I often use method number 3 above when working with children at a distance.  The testimonials from two mothers, one of a 12 year old boy and the other of a baby boy, are a couple of examples.

Do I Need To Have Met You For Distance Healing To Work?

No.  Clients complete an online form before the agreed appointment date, so I have  all the information I need to carry out the session.

Can Distance Healing Work For Physical Issues too?

Absolutely, yes. One such example is the testimonial from a lady in Greece who had pain from a trapped nerve.

How Do I Book A Session?

Simply contact me using the form below to arrange a convenient time and agree which of the three methods (mentioned above) you would like.  I will then send you a link to my online form for you to complete in preparation for your session.

And, finally …

I hope this blog has answered your initial questions about distance healing.  If you would like to find out more about how distance sessions could help you, please do get in touch using the contact form below –  I’d love to hear from you.

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