wp-1486404639503.jpgSo, as a result of trawling around various links relating to crochet last night, I came across a wonderful new word – Hygge – (pronounced “hue-ga” or “hoo-ga”, depending on which link you refer to, and it is said softly).  And how well it explains the pleasure, absorption, focus and huge sense of being in the moment that I experience when I crochet. It’s a Danish word and is all about fun and comfort and feeling cosy and being content in the current moment. Here’s an article from the BBC Magazine about it, which also mentions that Hygge comes from a Norwegian word mean “wellbeing”.  Ha, ha – no wonder it resonates with me.

Hygge has been described as “cosiness of the soul” and for the Danes it’s a way of life.   The word itself made it onto the shortlist for the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2016.  Meik Wiking, Chief Executive Officer of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, says that Hygge is like a hug without the physical touch.  What a wonderful concept, although of course I’m all for physical hugs too  – physical touch is so important for us all at every age.

Another article suggests 6 ways to practice Hygge.  Practising gratitude is one that I’m a big believer of.  Personally I try to access my heart field with that feeling first thing each morning before my feet touch the floor.

Another idea mentioned is starting a new tradition with the people you love.  Oh yes.  How wonderful and one that has unintentionally been introduced in our house.  We were recently given the game Perudo – a game with dice.  51mw3inrp1l-_sx425_ It’s not easy finding an activity that everyone in the family is happy to do. But unwittingly our friends have provided just that opportunity. Now after supper it could be any one of us suggesting a game of Perudo.  The suggestion is always met with enthusiasm by everyone. It is such a noisy, funny, happy, bonding addition to our day and very much Hygge time for us all.

I am sure you have experienced Hygge – but could you experience more of it in your day to day life?  If so, how are you going to achieve that?  Please do leave a comment – we could all do with ideas for new ways to expand our sense of wellbeing, happiness and Hygge.

For information on how I work naturally with wellbeing, please visit www.amandaweller.com.

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