When I heard that World Smile Day was coming up, it triggered a memory from my pre-healing, pre-children, pre-married life when I was working in Central London and living in a one bedroom flat near the river in Fulham.

This story revolves around what I suppose was my awareness of other people and my dogged determination.

Often, when I returned from work, I would need to pop out to my local shop to get a few things for the evening.  The man who ran the shop was unfailingly rude and miserable in his manner and attitude.  To be honest, this irritated me.  He got regular business from me and I thought the least he could do was to manage a smile as I paid him.   So I decided to wear him down by ignoring his attitude and by being  relentlessly cheerful and friendly each time I went in.  My plan worked – in fact it worked so well that after a while he would look in and wave as he passed my window.

It costs nothing to smile – and it might just make some else’s life more bearable if they are not in a happy state.

Have you got a similar story – either as the “determined one” or the “recipient”?  If so, please share below.


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