Nine months ago I started using a daily journal to inspire me, to help me plan my days and to give me clarity about my priorities, both long term and day to day.  I had a blip when I stopped using it for a while, but returned to my beloved beautiful leather bound and utterly inspiring book a couple of months ago.

20171016_122314238051931.jpgIt covers all the general “rooms” in life – career & finance, personal development & learning, family & social, physical environment, health & wellness and spiritual.

I love using it, it gives me a structure to each day.   I plan each day the previous evening.  It helps me to focus on what my priorities are.  And it has highlighted behaviour patterns I was previously unaware of.

For example, I used to get the less important items on my list done and ticked off quite easily, but for some reason would frequently not even get started on the ONE task I had planned to complete before others.  What was all that about?!  Once I noticed that pattern, I was able to be more realistic with my daily (and weekly) planning lists.  I now think long and hard before I choose what the next day’s priority will be, with the clear intention of actually doing it.

Another lesson I have learnt is that it is really difficult for me to “air” each of these “rooms” consistently day by day.  The aspects that relate to me personally are the things I typically find most often don’t get done.  Did I drink enough water? Did I exercise? Did I make that phone call to my 95 year old friend, etc.

I respond well to challenging myself like this.  I am developing both myself and my business in ways that are more constructive and productive than is the case when I don’t use the journal.  It keeps me on track and enables me to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate every aspect of my life. It gives me sense of moving forward.

If, like me, you are naturally a list person, then this might be a great way to help yourself get a grip on the reality of what’s really going on in your life.  You may discover, as I did, that it is quite different to what you think is happening.  Once you have a clear understanding of your daily patterns, you then  have the information you need to rebalance them as you wish.  For me, this is a powerful and positive ongoing process.

The final daily section is to note down “the things I am grateful for today”.  Ah, gratitude.  Yes. So important.  Taking time to ponder your day and to identify the things you are grateful for allows you to connect with your inner self, which boosts your sense of wellbeing.  I love that bit.

So, as you can tell, I am a huge fan of using a journal.  Give it a go and see what a difference it makes.

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