I have recently become aware of the weekly “‘#MondayMotivation” hashtag swirling around my social media feeds and each time I see it I groan inwardly.  Time to exorcise this weekly torture.

I know my reaction is the result of my second BodyTalk course, many years ago now, while training to become a practitioner.  The course was on Consciousness.  One of the aspects I learnt about was the difference between motivation and enthusiasm and this understanding now runs deep in me.

When you have an inspiring teacher, it is usually because their enthusiasm for their subject oozes out of them.  You can’t help but be similarly inspired and swept along on their positive wave.  Enthusiasm comes spontaneously from the heart. It requires no effort. No force of will.  With enthusiasm you are aligned to it energetically. It is natural,  positive and expansive and feels easy.

Conversely, motivation requires effort. There is a heaviness around the concept of motivation.   It’s as if you have to take a deep breath and count to three in order to galvanise yourself into action.  It lacks spontaneity and joy. It is not instinctive and heartfelt.

So while it means not going for the alliteration (after all, who doesn’t love a good bit of alliteration) give me #MondayEnthusiasm any day.  Fueled by spontaneous heartfelt joy that naturally aligns with your core being, that’s the way I want start my week – and every day in fact.

To find out about my work with energy healing, go to www.amandaweller.com.


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