Someone I saw yesterday recounted a fabulous and thought-provoking story which was a good reminder for me.

She told me that she had intended to achieve an additional income of £4,000 in October. She was aware of the power of intention and  had even written it down.

Now, before going further, I should just mention that the Universe always does it’s best.

What happened in her case was that her husband got a tax rebate for £3,999 – one pound off her intended £4,000.  This amused her, as she realised what had happened and why.

Her intention was for that money to be extra, earned by her.  Not that it should come in via her husband’s salary! The universe had aligned as well as it could with her intention, but she hadn’t specified clearly that this was to be additional income for HER, not to the household generally.

Still, pretty amazing that her intention of £4,000 for October did actually see that exact sum minus a pound coming in.

The lesson, therefore, is be VERY specific with your intentions.  Be as detailed as you possibly can.  Then the Universe is more likely to deliver what you intend, even if how it actually does so is unknown to you at the point of creating it.

What you put out comes back.  It’s how it works.

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