`”This room’s got such a lovely feel” is a comment I often hear when people step into my treatment room for the first time.  In fact most of us have experienced the “feel” of a space at one time or another, be it positive or negative, exciting or sad, peaceful, spiritual, or lacking in “atmosphere”.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why?  It is, after all, just a room.

Dr. William A. Tiller is Professor Emeritus in material science and engineering at Stanford University (he was the department chair from 1964 to 1998). Alongside his day job, he has been exploring whether consciousness can effect matter.  What is interesting is that his experiments have repeatedly shown that the human mind can have a direct impact on matter.   Working with experienced meditators, Tiller asked them to focus on “imprinting” specific intentions on electrical devices.

In one example, a group of individuals set their awareness on an electrical circuit which contained a crystal. They then focused an intent that the PH of water would either go up or go down. The circuits were wrapped in aluminum foil and shipped overnight to a lab across the country, turned on, and set beside a water sample. The room was isolated so that people did not enter, and all environmental factors of the room were carefully monitored. Despite the precautions, the water samples did respond exactly as the meditators intended.  The PH rose or fell a full 1.5PH inline with the intentions. The odds against this happening by chance are a million to one.

Over time Dr. Tiller also discovered that his experiments affected the room where the experiment was conducted. The object was imparting its qualities to the room so that water placed in the room after the device was removed still had its PH affected.  He asserts that intention can ”change space” so rooms may become “conditioned”.

I think this is a really interesting way to illustrate how consciousness can affect matter.

This concept of consciousness affecting matter is something I use in my client sessions.  Dr Tiller’s work also highlights the effectiveness of working remotely, as I do so often.

Won’t it be interesting next time you walk into a space that you have a reaction to…

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