Letting go has been popping up as a theme in the last few days at meetings, on social media, with people I have encountered.

Having had a bit of a fractious start with the teenagers this morning, I was thinking earlier that this is all part of the whole process of life too – me letting go, them getting ready to go… but then as their dad has been saying for years, “our role is to prepare them to go”….

And I remembered that in this morning’s meditation the old “who am I” classic popped in and the layers peeled away with the observer observing the observed, etc., to a very brief moment of experiencing essence.

It is all linked.  Many of the reasons that we feel uncomfortable or in pain in whatever way we experience it are bound up with our attachment to the beliefs around those things.  Just observing them is often all it takes to be able to detach from those triggers.  That moment of realisation then leaves space for contentment and love.

So I will hug those teenagers when they get home and start afresh again, as we all do moment to moment.

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