So, I hear you ask, what’s this “manifesting” thing all about?  And what kind of results do people experience?

Well, of course everyone is different, but one factor that seems pretty consistent is that people seem to be generally happier once they understand how manifesting works.

Take Sonja, for example. She’s a client of mine who learned about manifesting from me. She has kindly agreed to share her experience so that you can get an idea of what can happen once you learn about this law of nature.  She says:

“… there is a lot of work for the universe to be getting on with(!) but I’m definitely feeling much happier than I have for many years. Nothing much has changed in my life as such, apart from that I’m manifesting that I’m really happy, so I’m definitely putting it down to that. Also, my ex has popped up in my life a couple of times in the last month or so and I really haven’t been as bothered as I thought I would be. He’s had a baby which I thought I would be devastated by but, although I was a bit sad, I’m really not that upset, which has really surprised me. Also, he has done something unnecessary and unfair which has caused me some practical problems, which I was initially furious about. However, I have come away from having to deal with him feeling stronger and somehow less angry with him in general. I can only put this down to the manifesting as I’m sure that, if this had happened prior to manifesting, I would have had a very different and less reasonable approach to it. I have been manifesting that he no longer matters to me and that I am grateful to him because, if he hadn’t been so awful, I wouldn’t have gone on this journey and found my perfect life. I’m not there yet but I think that I am en route! I’m also manifesting that I am in control of my life and am starting to see little chinks of light in a previously very dark tunnel.”

To find out more go to this page on Manifesting.


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