“Thank you Amanda. Without this knowledge things may not have changed”.

This is music to my ears and is the final comment in a message I received from Tracy, who came to my very first Manifesting Workshop.

And, actually, spreading this knowledge is the reason I hold these workshops – to open up people’s awareness about Manifesting and give them the tools to create their best possible, most magnificent experience of life.

My workshop is billed as “Learn the Secrets to Manifesting” but the ridiculous thing is that WE ALL MANIFEST ALL THE TIME – the catch is, that most people do so without realising that they are.  The magic starts to happen once you understand how it all works.  It’s not rocket science – although it is a law of nature.

Here is Tracy’s story so far in her own words:

“When I last saw you a few weeks ago I told you briefly how things are changing for me since I attended your last workshop… so I thought I’d just drop you a line to tell you in more detail…
As I’ve got older I have really desired more time to myself…. I’ve always been someone’s something…. daughter.. wife..mother..employee..friend..sister etc… and I just wanted time… so my movie was me working part time which would free up time during the week .. when I could be alone at home… I pictured myself working part time… going to the gym.(which I’m always too tired to go to after work).. doing my housework ..( instead of at weekends)… reading.. going for walks .. etc …all the things I don’t have time to do…
So as from next April I’m going to be working for my husband… sorting his paper work out for which he’s paying me…. I’m so excited…. I will finally have the time to myself I want and need…
I just played my movie over in my head many times…. gave thanks and gratitude to the universe and let it just happen…👍
Looking forward to a top up on the 17th xx
Thank you Amanda without this knowledge things may not have changed…”

To find out more go to http://www.AmandaWeller.com

  • My next workshop in the UK is in Godalming, Surrey on Sat. 17th November.
  • I am happy to discuss the possibility of bringing the workshop to you.

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