This rather wonderful experience happened to me at the weekend.

Before going further, there are two things to be aware of:

  1. The day before I held a workshop to inspire people about their natural ability to manifest in which I taught an incredibly easy technique for them to use to help them align the reality of their everyday lives to their dreams with more ease and grace.
  2. One of my personal manifesting intentions is abundance.  And gratitude plays a huge part in everything.

So, back to the experience.

It was a chilly, fresh-aired November day with startling clear blue skies.  I was walking through a wood when I happened to look up and saw an absolutely stunning sight that ‘got’ me so strongly in my heart space that it stopped me dead in my tracks.  My only conscious thoughts were two words:



So I reached into the back pocket of my jeans to retrieve my mobile and took this snap:


I then brought my arm down to return my mobile to my pocket.  My eyes followed the sweep of my arm and this is what I saw on the ground at my feet:


Manifesting, abundance, gratitude – all came flooding in. What a tangible visual for all that I had been teaching, and how my life is unfolding.  The gift of that moment was to emphasise in such a clear way the reality of our (yours, mine, everyone’s) enormous potential and of the ease and grace with which things can pop into our lives.

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