Hey Amanda hope you are well, thank you so much for my session I actually have to say I feel a lot better today I have energy and starting to feel myself after ages today … thank you … I think for my follow up session I’m definitely going to come see you … x

After receiving this message from my client (who to-date has purely experienced remote/distance sessions with me), I asked for their permission to use it in my marketing, which was kindly granted.  Having read my Instagram post (@_amanda_weller_), this was the resulting flow of messages between us.  No need to say more.

Just read it … makes me feel so good .. honestly I actually feel so much more positive for the last two days … you’ve really helped me … x

Me: I'm so delighted. That's really made my day - it's what it's all about from my side. Your system is constantly trying to get into the best state it can, and has the capacity to do so, as you are experiencing. Aren't you amazing!!

I sure am !! … and thank you for teaching to appreciate that … x

Me: Oh now that really IS something to celebrate....

Love Amanda 💚💚💚

To book either a remote / distance session or an in person session visit amandaweller.com

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