Using our natural instinct to heal, I work as a holistic therapist with energy medicine, mainly using BodyTalk and Quantum-Touch.  I work with clients both in person and also remotely.

As an “Occasional Blogger”, I post only when I am inspired to and feel I have something worth saying.

I am also a wife and mum with chickens in the garden and a couple of rescue cats.  I try to live well and simply in a way that respects my gut instincts.  I’m barefoot at home as much as possible, which I have loved since a child, only more recently understanding why this might be. I am continually researching and learning.

Find out about my work with energy medicine at


2 thoughts on “About Amanda Weller

  1. Hello Amanda, just had a few minutes this morning to read your blog. I am usually in the mode of ‘not enough time’ to read a blog or even write one myself however you really have inspired me this morning about what is possible! I am doing a prosperity meditation which is supposed to bring you opportunities, so it should be no surprise that I have opend up your blog and done something different today. I’d like to know more of the details of this challenge? Did you have a few things to do each day to make this possible or was it the mere fact of ‘deciding’? You also write authentically and clearly and your personality really does shine through. Love to talk more. Kat (Bodytalk practitioner, frome) x


    1. How lovely to hear from you Kat – I am thrilled that I have inspired you. And how interesting that you opened my blog while doing a prosperity meditation! I’d love to hear more about that and am happy to chat to you about my challenge. Let’s speak. Ax


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