Manifesting Greece


Who’d have thought it.  Certainly not me in my wildest dreams.

Picture this.  I read a book a few months ago that really resonated with me.  It was all about manifesting – which basically means creating whatever you’d like to have in your in your life.  Now I am very familiar with the concept of manifesting, but this was a bit different.

I then start to play with an intention, and that intention is for my career to expand in ways that I couldn’t possibly imagine, but, very importantly, that these ways (whatever they are) are to be totally in line with what I do and my reason for being on this planet – currently that seems to be working around wellbeing, happiness and potential.

Fast forward five months to the current moment – look where I am sitting to write this – under an umbrella in a fragrant garden in Greece.  Oh yes – I forgot to mention that another quiet little passing intention had been to travel with my work.

A few months ago I could never have envisaged this – nor the fact that I would be trialling a 6 week HAPPINESS Programme, nor the fact that I would be holding a workshop on The Secrets of MANIFESTING.

That is why I decided to run the workshop.  I am so enjoying experiencing the extraordinary shifts in my life that I really want to share my understanding about it all and enable others to have fun creating the life they currently only dream of.  This MANIFESTING lark can be very effective!!

You can find out more and book your tickets here.


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