It’s overlooked, yet one of the easiest ways to protect and improve your health. 

You don’t need a doctor. You don’t need a prescription. It’s free.  It’s your right. And yet it’s something most people don’t do, and the health consequences can be profound.

I  NEVER do a BodyTalk session where it doesn’t pop up.  It comes up in every single session, usually multiple times.  There is a reason for this – we need it.  It’s something as basic as breathing and drinking water, yet it’s something that we can be 100% without.

What is it?

Grounding.  Walking barefoot on the ground.

Think about it. You wake having slept on a bed that’s not connected to the earth, you slip on your slippers, you walk around your home insulated from the ground.  Your shoes, if they’re not leather soled, do the same, so all day you will be insulated, and the same again when you return home and finally hop back into bed. 100% insulated from something that your body needs.

This short film, has vital information, and the scientific background, about why grounding is so important for us.  I urge you to watch it.

Inflammation is involved in so many of our modern day chronic diseases (alzheimers, cancer, heart disease – the list goes on).  If the body if grounded, you can’t have inflammation. 

(There are 20 published studies in medical literature, peer reviewed, to support the science on earthing / grounding.)

Do something radical today – kick off your shoes, go and stand outside in bare feet, and neutralise those positively charged free radicals in your body.  

To maximise grounding time, you can get earthing sheets for the bed (I have one which has a grounding pin in the garden) and mats which you can have under your desk so you can be grounded while you work – have a look here

Grounding is vital.  Allow your body and whole being the benefit of being earthed.

Go barefoot.  Just do it.

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