Again this week I was asked by a client after his session if I could pass on any techniques to him, which I did.  This is one of them.
I call it ‘Supermarket Grounding’.
Because it is often when I am waiting in the queue to pay that I tend to do it.  It’s a little window of opportunity for me to get out of my head and find a moment of peace and conscious internal connection with myself.  It’s a moment of peace in amongst the busy-ness around me.
This is a technique you can do wherever you are, whenever you like.  I have shared it in a short video on my website and, as you can see, it’s not only me who likes it!  Have a look at this feedback from Jane:
LOVE your grounding technique, amanda!!!
and i recognize the space, which is super exciting!!!
just redistributed out my weight and felt the earth’s energy flooding up my body, bringing peace and grounding.
i do a similar thing with kids at school, but it’s a bit more ooga-booga….they might enjoy the simplicity of yours better!
thanks for sharing!!
Try it yourself – go to my video to see how – and let me know how you get on. (You don’t have to be in a supermarket!)

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